Don't call me Brother unless you know its meaning.

Don't call me Brother unless we are Brothers.

Just because we may have things in common,

doesn't mean we are Brothers from another mother.

Brothers have simple rules to live by.

We don't lie or steal from a Brother.

We never leave a Brother behind.

We constantly watch out for each other.

If I know you have my back,

rest assured I will always have yours.

Call upon any time that you might be in need,

I will come even if I have to bust through locked doors.

I will never mess with your extension or family.

They will be as safe as if they are my own.

I will fight for you or even give up my own life,

There is no greater love to be known.

Those that say you can't choose family,

doesn't understand the meaning of Brotherhood.

I choose to call you my Brother for life,

through the bad and the good.