US Military Vets Motorcycle Club is a traditional three piece Motorcycle Club which follows long traditions based on RESPECT and Motorcycle Club protocols.  As with all other true Motorcycle Clubs, our Brothers go through different phases in order to earn the Eagle we proudly wear on our backs.  You can not buy it and you WILL have to earn it if you truly want it.   Being a veteran, we thank you for your service, but not every veteran makes it through the process.

During the Prospect Phase an individual will go to Club motorcycle runs and events, and attend portions of meetings with the Club as a social guest. This gives the prospect a chance to evaluate their desire to belong to this Club, and it also allows the Club members to evaluate the prospect's basic personality and compatibility.

The Probate Phase is much longer and gives the probate the opportunity to learn the proper conduct of a patch holder in a Motorcycle Club. It affords our Brothers the opportunity to evaluate the probate as an individual and to see if he has what it takes to be called our Brother. During this time the probate is under the direct supervision of a patch holder  whenever wearing the Club rockers.  

"What Ever It Takes"